Saturday, January 9, 2016


Expect to be treat like a kid. This is real talk! It does not matter! They don’t care 

who you are, where you from as long as you step off the bus they own you and 

will not have any voice or opinion about anything. Age is not a factor or even if 

you are one pay grade higher. Heck even if you are a specialist in basic you are 

still a private… Everyone is looked at as an FNG. Just remember you will be 

going thru a major transition and its all mental games

Expect to have no free time whatsoever. As soon as you wakeup you square away your 

bunk. All the way to bed check you will be very busy or if you are not actively doing 

anything you’re drill sergeant will definitely just make you clean your weapon.

So say goodbye to smoke breaks. Taking your time showering and snoozing because 

cadre got your time by the balls.

Expect to be confused as fuck and for the next few months until you graduate. You 

basically will just follow what the drill sergeant says, whenever you are in line to get 

your initial gear issue , to getting you vaccination shots to just going to chow 

everything is a big cluster fuck. Just follow the guy in front of you and pay attention 

to detail. Hey if someone messes up you all get smoked anyway.