Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Occupational Physical Assessment Test (OPAT) Instructional Video (Versio...

This is an instructional video produced by the U.S. Army Physical Fitness School, part of the Leader Training Brigade, U.S. Army Center for Initial Military Training, on how to conduct the Occupational Physical Assessment Test (OPAT). The video includes details on test site location considerations, OPAT equipment, and OPAT administration (pre-briefing, instructions, scoring and recording).

The OPAT is a series of four physical performance tests used to assess an individual's physical capabilities. The OPAT provides measurements of upper- and lower-body power, lower-body strength and aerobic capacity. The OPAT events are: the standing long jump, seated power throw, strength dead lift and the interval aerobic run. The standing long jump, seated power throw and strength dead lift can be performed in any order. The only requirement is that the interval aerobic run be performed last. Individuals are authorized to take up to five minutes to recover between events. Individuals may elect to proceed when ready.