Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Day in the Life of a Soldier Army Vlog 10

A Day in the Life of a Soldier Army Vlog

In this video Archiezzle shows you "This is a day in my life" Get an interesting look into the Military!

In this video we also talk about being aware that the enemy "terrorists" is with in our American soils right now. Having a weapon or gun is necessary to protect ourselves, our families, our children and our country. It is not the gun or weapons fault! It is the people who use guns and weapons to cause evil, destruction and kill innocent lives are the one who is at fault. Also while enjoying a little ruck march

America protect yourselves! Also we take time to recognize and pay respect to the soldiers that was involved in the recent Fort Hood Floods. This goes out to their families and friends. The whole Fort Hood community feels the pain of this tragic accident.

Lastly, have that military mindset to achieve your goals while in the Army. It is up to your own hands to make the most out of yourself in this military.